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Razors Edge: The Mai LoveJournal
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9th-Jun-2006 10:50 pm(no subject)
Y'know, this community rox0rz. <3

So uh, I've just recently downloaded the GIMP, and had some fun with it. I made seven icons, all under the cut. I went crazy with the gradients. These were cropped and contrasted in PhotoImpact, and gradient-ed in GIMP.

[2] - The Chase
[4] - Zuko Alone
[1] - Both

Please credit, and comment if taking. Actually, comment even if you're not taking, I like having my ego stroked/punctured.

Onward, to the LJ-cut!Collapse )

A while back, I also made some Mai shipping icons. All for femslash pairings, Mai/Ty Lee and Mai/Azula. I'm going to link to my entry that was in avatar_femslash.

( OMG! Fake cut! )
9th-Jun-2006 02:37 pm - Fanvid Question
Mod posts dorky questions. I am one of you fans afterall, I just wanted to create somewhere more my style with people who like what I do. Meeehhhhh....anyway, I'm currently making a Mai fanvid, as I usually do with hard music if any of you have seen my videos, if not its better cause you have better opinions ^^ and I'm confused. I'm going to wait to finish this vid until we get our first Mai and Zuko interaction in the show, and then I'll figure it out.

Here are my choices of song, they are short and sweet:
1. Marilyn Manson "Coma White" I love the song, and his version is dyanmic. Very goth and suicidalish like Mai, but not especially HARD.
2. SPF1000 "Darkness" You heard it on that Billy and Mandy episode 'Battle of the Bands' Very short, very hot, very goth metal dance. But perhaps too hard for Mai? If you get confused or haven't heard any of the songs, check AltaVista.

Love your feedback if you have any ideas, please?
8th-Jun-2006 10:32 pm(no subject)
Death the Kid
I couldn't agree more with the community info... no, there isn't enough talk of Mai. She is such a great character, and it is nice to see someone stick to their guns.

Plot theory! spoilerishCollapse )
8th-Jun-2006 05:12 pm - Welcome
This is a test. Welcome to Razor's Edge, the Mai and Mai/Zuko Community! The rules are all in the bio area. Enjoy!
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