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Razors Edge: The Mai LoveJournal
26th-Aug-2006 11:00 pm
RaitoMisa, death, goth

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Icons

- Comment when you're taking. [Or even when you're not! =)]
- For LJ/other journal sites: Credit millie_chan in the keywords.
- For anywhere else: Visible credit to millie_chan @lj or better yet, a link to this post.
- Don't modify.
- In relation to that, textless icons are not bases.
- Constructive icon-related-criticism is love, criticizing the subject deserves spanking.
- Resource post is

[5] Aang
[5] Katara
[15] Kataang
[5] Gaang
[5] Toph
[5] Tokka
[5] Azula
[5] Ty Lee
[5] Girls
[5] Maizula [Mai/Azula]
[5] Fire Family
[5] Zuko/Mai/Azula
[10] Zuko
[10] Mai
[10] Maiko

[100] Total

(Everything is under this very fake cut.)
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