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Razors Edge: The Mai LoveJournal
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13th-Sep-2008 11:40 am - Do you want to RP Mai in AU?!?!
stack of books
Hi, this is the mod from atla_au_role I just wanted to let you know we are desparately looking for someone to rp Mai. This rp is set in present day, and no one can bend. If you want to know, currently Zuko is 'playing the field'. So please come Here To claim her.
Also, we have a Ty Lee and Azula. :D
21st-Apr-2008 08:19 pm - Perfect song for Mai...
You Can't Knock Me Down (Katara)
Hello, new here! I hope this is okay to post, (the info says banter is fine, and this community really needs to an update) so I'll just go ahead.

After Mai's back story was explained in "The Beach", I eventually heard the Ani DiFranco song "Studying Stones". And pretty quickly I thought "ZOMG! This is PERFECT for Mai!" I thought I'd post the lyrics here, and see if anyone else see Mai in this song.

Lyrics under the cut...Collapse )
20th-Oct-2007 01:03 pm - OMG A MAI BOARD?!?!
Yes, a Mai board. Please come join!


And bask in her awesome-ness together.
28th-Aug-2007 04:47 pm - Jet and Mai love, woo hooo.
fire spreading through the country

Title: We Could Both Laugh at Distance
Pairing: Jet x Mai
Author: Sangi
Rating: PG13/T
Warnings/Disclaimer: It’s a bit angsty, now that I look back on it. I don’t own Avatar.
Wordcount: 2173
Author's Notes: Some more Jet x Mai love. Not because we all know its not gonna happen, but because we all know we love it anyways.

( "I don't love you." )


21st-Aug-2007 02:01 am - THIS COMMUNITY NEEDS POKING.
fire spreading through the country


Author: Sangi
Jet x Mai
Theme set: Epsilon
Word count: 1867(without titles)
Rating: PG-13/T
Author’s Notes: Fake!Cut to my journal.

She was as quick in battle as he expected... )



13th-Mar-2007 07:26 am - Intro + FIC: Clandestine
VK ► got a different ending to our story
Hey, yo! I'm Grassy and, although I'm a hu~ge fan of Mai... Well, Maiko just isn't my thing. Whee~ Zutara! ♥ I'm actually a rather die-hard Mai/Ty Lee fangirl. Because Mai deserves a whole harem of pretty girls, nfu. ^_^

So, to go along with my intro, I bring the first of my 7_chakras Mai/Ty Lee claim. (On a totally random note, does Mai/Ty Lee have a catchy name like Zutara, Maiko, Tokka, and so on? Because it should...)

Title: Clandestine
Author: Grasshopper (A.K.A. The Undertaker's Muse)
Rated: PG-13
Series: 7_chakras
Warnings: Shoujo-ai, slight het, angst, future fic.
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Spoilers: Eh…nothing, really.
Pairings: Mai x Ty Lee, mentioned Zuko x Mai and Zuko x Katara
Summary: Every generation of the Fire Nation’s royal family has had secrets kept hidden from view. This generation is no exception.
Author's Notes: Wow~ my first ATLA fic. *is ecstatic* I wanted to flesh this out a bit more, but it just didn’t want to go in that direction. *glares at muses*
Disclaimer: All things Avatar: the Last Airbender belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Grassy only lays claim to the plot.

7_chakras/Mai x Ty Lee Themes Index

( 1. dirty little secret )
18th-Oct-2006 09:54 am(no subject)
Hi everyone! I've just become a major Mai fan after I thought she sucked. So here I am. :D I've even been writing fics about her:


I don't know why, but I can't get enough of this pairing.
26th-Aug-2006 11:00 pm - Icons
RaitoMisa, death, goth

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Icons

- Comment when you're taking. [Or even when you're not! =)]
- For LJ/other journal sites: Credit millie_chan in the keywords.
- For anywhere else: Visible credit to millie_chan @lj or better yet, a link to this post.
- Don't modify.
- In relation to that, textless icons are not bases.
- Constructive icon-related-criticism is love, criticizing the subject deserves spanking.
- Resource post is

[5] Aang
[5] Katara
[15] Kataang
[5] Gaang
[5] Toph
[5] Tokka
[5] Azula
[5] Ty Lee
[5] Girls
[5] Maizula [Mai/Azula]
[5] Fire Family
[5] Zuko/Mai/Azula
[10] Zuko
[10] Mai
[10] Maiko

[100] Total

(Everything is under this very fake cut.)
21st-Aug-2006 09:15 pm - A Change of Pace
I adore Mai/Zuko as much as the next fan but it's alwaysfun for a little change of pace, huh?

Crack-ness under the cutCollapse )
9th-Jul-2006 12:12 pm - Icons, Fanfiction
RaitoMisa, death, goth

Crossposting a few things...

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Icons

- Comment when you're taking. [Or even when you're not! =)]
- Credit millie_chan in the keywords.
- Don't modify.
- In relation to that, textless icons are not bases.
- Constructive icon-related-criticism is love, criticizing the subject deserves spanking.

[5] AangxKatara [Kataang]
[4] General
[4] Azula
[4] Toph
[4] Ty Lee
[4] Fire Nation Girls
[4] Fire Nation Royal Family
[2] Princess Ursa
[2] Prince/Fire Lord Ozai
[10] Mai
[10] Zuko
[15] ZukoxMai [Maiko]

Mai )
( Fire Nation Girls )
Maiko )


"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Fanfiction

Title: "Smile for Zuzu"
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Characters/Ships: Fire Nation Kids, ZukoxMai
Summary: The history behind a prince's nickname and the smile it brought upon a porcelain doll's face. One-shot.
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